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Bikram Yoga is the most powerful, glamorous, and transformative Yoga practice in the world. Join the millions of people around the world who are adding a regular Bikram Yoga practice to their fitness regimen. Our INTRODUCTORY OFFER allows you to come as many times as you can during the fourteen day introductory period for only $20! As a personal challenge, complete all 14 classes in 14 days and receive 10% off your first package. Beginning students are welcome and encouraged in all classes. No previous Yoga or fitness experience is necessary to attend class. Join us in the hot room today for the excitement of unlocking your inner potential!

Yoga relies very little, if any, upon natural ability.  Rather, it is the effort and intention with which you practice that will yield the results you desire.  In order for Yoga to be effective it must be practiced daily, or on a regular basis with very few breaks in between classes.  Bikram recommends practicing a minimum 10 classes a month or 3 days a week to derive maximum benefit from his practice. 

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