New Students 

Bikram Yoga is a challenging, powerful series of 26 Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a Hot room. Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class is designed for all people regardless of physical ability. Each posture restores natural range of motion to the body, helps to heal old injuries, and calms the mind.  Practicing Yoga in the hot room helps to open the lungs and tight muscles more effectively than practicing in a cold room. Warming the body diminishes the chance for injury as a warm body is more supple and pliable. As you stretch, a detoxifying sweat is produced that cleanses all the body's systems while delivering high-speed, oxygenated blood throughout the whole body. This process, in combination with the healing technique of the postures, provides a whole body workout that leaves you feeling absolutely amazing. 

Yoga is a process that can start at any point in life and lasts throughout life. In our classes you will find new and veteran students practicing at their own level, together, without comparison. Our friendly and highly trained instructors will guide you safely through Bikram's 90 minute Yoga class no matter your starting point. As you practice your body will change and improve. Before long you'll be doing all the postures with grace, ease, and strength.

We highly recommend new students take advantage of our INTRODUCTORY OFFER $20/14 days Unlimited Yoga Introduction and come as much as possible. As a personal challenge, attend all 14 days of the introduction and receive 10% off your first membership.  A mat and towel are provided your first class and available for rent at $1 apiece thereafter.  Please bring a bottle of water or purchase one at the studio for sipping during class. We also sell VitaCoco coconut water, San Pellegrino water, Gaiam hot Yoga towels, and other useful gear for your Bikram Hot Yoga practice. Download our new student welcome letter here and registration form here.

  • Because the room is hot, you're sweating, and doing crazy Yoga postures, it's normal to feel weird the first couple classes!  It takes a few classes for the body to acclimatize to the heat and get familiar with the Yoga postures. Please take the first few classes easy, resting when necessary.  Please remain in the Yoga room so your body can acclimatize to the temperature.  Even if all you do is breathe for 90 minutes you'll leave feeling awesome.

  • If you like, book a private class for yourself, a group of friends, or for your employees to try out Bikram Yoga. 

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