Certified Instructors Make the Difference

Bikram Choudhury personally trains all instructors to teach Bikram Yoga in a 9 week intensive teacher training program. Bikram requires regular re-certification sessions to maintain the highest quality instructors. Bikram Yoga is intended to be the same from city to city, worldwide at affiliated studios. This ensures you receive safe, clear, consistent instruction every class, anywhere. By following the instructions given during class, to the best of your ability, your body will heal. Meet our amazing team, read their testimony, and get pumped for an awesome class! 

Sandy Eby, Certified Instructor, Owner

Before yoga, Sandy was doing several triathlons, swimming, biking and running. While on vacation, she was introduced to Hatha Yoga, which works primarily with the body through postures and breathing exercises. She liked the way it made her feel physically and mentally. The more Sandy did yoga, the more she liked it.

Sandy continued to practice for a couple of years. In 2000, to deepen her yoga practice, Sandy received her basic teacher training at Kripalu Yoga Institute in Lenox, Massachusets. She continued doing yoga, running a little and riding her bike. In 2004, Sandy went back to Kripalu for a weekend seminar. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga that weekend, took her first class, and fell in love with Bikram Yoga.

The closest Bikram Yoga studio to Sandy's home in Oswego, New York was in Ithaca, one hour and 45 minutes away. She started traveling to Ithaca once a week and doing Bikram Yoga in her basement with the CD and a space heater. She was not able to get the room as hot as it should be, but she needed to do Bikram Yoga - she was hooked. Sandy was amazed at what Bikram Yoga was doing for her mentally and physically.

In 2006, Sandy received her teaching certificate with Bikram in Los Angeles, California. She is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the physical, mental and healing benefits of this practice with others and watch them change their lives through the practice of Bikram Yoga.

Judy Osetek, Certified Instructor

I first heard of Bikram yoga while visiting a friend in New York City. After jogging five miles in Central Park with my friend, she invited me to take a class! Although it was extremely challenging and I wondered if it would ever end, I found myself  energized and refreshed by the class. 

Upon returning home to Oswego, I couldn't get the yoga class out of my mind and immediately searched on-line for a Bikram Yoga class in the CNY area but was disappointed to find there were none in driving distance. A few years later, my mom started taking Bikram yoga classes in Ithaca and I would occasionally join her on weekends to attend classes there. 

Before yoga, I played competitive soccer through college and enjoyed running in races, including half-marathons and triathlons. Growing up, I was passionate about all sports and into adulthood, I continued to crave exercise that was challenging and satisfying to the body and spirit.  Bikram yoga offered me a new kind of physical challenge. It has also helped me heal past injuries due to sports and running, leaving me feeling stronger and healthier than before.

I  became a Bikram yoga teacher because of my passion for the yoga and the healing and energizing benefits that it provides.  The physical and mental well-being that comes with a consistent Bikram Yoga practice is something I will always be grateful for and that I wish to share  with others.

I completed my teacher training in Acapulco in the Fall of 2008.

Julie McNulty, Certified Instructor

I walked into my first Bikram Yoga Oswego class in the Spring of 2010; and I was hooked right from the start.  As I continued to practice Bikram yoga, I couldn't believe how much it was changing my life in a positive way.
In 2016 I took my 200-hour training with Infinite Light Yoga in Jamesville, NY, and became a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (RYT-200).  My training covered anatomy & physiology principles, pranayama methods, meditation and relaxation techniques. I completed a 7 Day Yin Yoga Immersion  with Travis Eliot in February, 2019, and I'm also a Level II Usui Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, and certified Chakra Balancing practitioner.
I love yoga, and I love HOT yoga, and I strongly believe in connecting the breath with the body.  I believe in letting the breath flow through you, helping you to really connect the breathing with the movement. Our breath is our fuel and can help us into the posture, help us hold the posture and help us generate more life energy to carry us through the class, and through the rest of our day!
I want to help students develop their practice physically and mentally. We all have challenging days in the hot room, as in our everyday life, so I try to encourage students to be kind to themselves while doing their best for that day, one breath at a time.  Every day is a new beginning!
Come to my classes here at Bikram Yoga Oswego where we help each student find their way to health and happiness, where each one has a place they feel welcome and understood, and is able to create a powerful yoga practice at whatever stage they are at in their life.  When I’m teaching, I try to bring a quiet, meditative feeling to class.  After all, it is a 90 or 60 minute moving meditation!  In my 60 minute music classes, I play soothing music in the background, with minimal instruction.  In my 90 minutes classes, I also like to play soothing music very softly in the background to enhance the meditative experience.



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